Steel & Stainless Steel

FirstChoice are suppliers/brokers for all steel items as below and work with some of the world's leading steel mills/manufacturers.

  • Beams/Angles/Channels/Flat bars
  • Burnishing Steel Tubes
  • Concrete Steel Bars
  • Corrugated Steel Sheets
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel Goods
  • Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Stainless Steel Plates/Angles/Flat bars/Wires
  • Steel & stainless Steel Fittings
  • Steel Bars
  • Steel Cables & Steel Wire Ropes
  • Steel Containers
  • Steel Drums
  • Steel Files
  • Steel Flanges/Straps/Bands
  • Steel Mesh For Use With Concrete
  • Steel Panels
  • Steel Pipes
  • Steel Plates & Coils ( Galvanised & Painted)
  • Steel Profiles
  • Steel Sponges
  • Steel Tubes
  • Steel Valves
  • Steel Wire
  • Steel Wool
  • Steels
  • Steels-Special


Family of the Grades Grades
1 Cold Forging/ Extrusion Qualities AISI1010, AISI1018, AISI1006
2 Boron Steel 38B3, SAE1535HC, SAE15B41H, SUP11A 38MnB4, SAE15B35H, TIE0164, 10B32M, TIE2164, IE669CH11, SAE1036B, SCRB435H
3 High Hardness high impact values spring steel 50SiCrMo6
4 High temp. hardness retained spring steels 59CrV4 with Mo
5 Silico Mn spring steels EN45A, 60SiMn
6 Cr-V Spring Steels 50CrV4,30CrV9, 58CrV4
7 Case Hardening Steels 19CrNi5,SAE8620, SAE8630,16MnCr5, 20MnCr5
8 Heavy Duty Transmission chain pins SAE8620,16MnCr5, 20MnCr5
9 Silicon Free / Free cutting steel EN1A
10 Piston Pins EN353,815M17, 17Cr3,16MnCr5, 20MnCr5,SAE8620
11 Ultra clean Steel JDMA1041F,1045F, SCM415H,420H XSCM318, SAE1038,4140,1541, 20MnV,EN8,EN8C, EN18C,SUP9G, ASCM17H1,H2H3, H1V
12 LC with High Titanium LCMnTi (SA836) as cast blooms
13 Restricted Ca Bearing LC alloy steel 20MoCr4E / 25MoCr4E
14 Plain Carbon Steel 45C8
15 Prime Quality Bearing Steels SAE52100,100Cr6























Speciality End Applications
1 Low tramps ,low 'P' & S', balancing of N2, Al & grain size control Cold extrusion, Cold forging,Tubes for high pressure hydraulic applications, valve collets, gudgeon pins, Plunger & Steering components
2 Control of Boron effect Heavy Duty Drive Shafts for Telco High Tensile springs Axle Shaft Earth Movers parts (Export to USA) Mining tools & Tubewell rigs
3 Hardness & Impact values NPCIL end fittings & Disc springs
4 Moly addition & balancing High RPM & high temp. application ( up to 600 ^ c )
5 Cleanliness & control of as rolled hardness Railways & other commercial vehicle Leaf Springs
6 --------------------- Railways,Automobile & Industrial helical springs, Cericlips,Disc Springs etc.
7 Low Ca,P & O2 Gear Blanks for all automobile Transmission components Large quantity is exported to Italy & UK ( Mainly for four wheelers application )
8 Control of grain coarsening phenomenon Export to USA for Caterpillar application
9 Very low Si & nil Al Fastener applications ( 100 % Export )
10 Extremely good surface finish & dimension control Piston Pin Applications
11 Control of Si, O2 & inclusions Axle Shaft CONROD Rear Axle Cam Shaft etc.
12 Control of Ti,O2 & N2 Glass,Chemical & Plastic Industries as nozzle for high pressure vessels and Containers
13 Low O2,High degree of cleanness & control of Ca 15 to 25 ppm Heavy duty CONROD in LCV & HCV
14 Cr 0.1% max. with low tramp elements i.e. Cr+Ni+Cu+V+Mo+ Sn+Ti =0.15% max. O2 , streak free & ultra cleanliness Camshaft for HCV & MCV Tata Motors Ltd. in 60 & 40 RCS Ahmednagar Forgings in 63 & 55 RCS
15 Control of O2 , Ti & Carbide banding/Network  


  FirstChoice Group Specializes in   quoting tenders to Canadian/US   Federal & State Govt, Oil   Companies,   Consultants and   Contractors (Oilfield, Drilling,   Mechanical & HVAC, and   Electrical).

  -Fluid Control (Valves, Pipes &    fitting)
  -Drilling Rigs & Parts, Engines,    Turbines,
  -Control & Instrumentation
  -Electrical & Telecommunication    Equipments.
  -Process Machinery & Parts
  -Machine Tools
  -Laboratory Equipments
  -Scientific Research Equipments
  -Medical Equipment, Supplies and    Pharmaceuticals
  -Aircraft Parts & Nato Stock   parts
  -Mining & Construction    Equipments
  -Agricultural Equipments & Parts
  -Environment & Pollution Control    Equipment
  -Fabricated Materials
  -Industrial chemicals
  -Drilling & Mud Chemicals
  -Transportation Equipment and    Spares
  -Cranes & material handling    equipments
  -Safety Items