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Measuring Equipment


  • Measuring Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Measurung Systems (Measuring Instrumentation, Measuring Devices, Meters).
  • Analytical and Measuring Equipment, Instruments, Systems For Agricultural Sciences and Plant Science, Botany.
  • Laboratory Balances, Analytical Balances and Moisture Balances (moisture Balance Analyzers).
  • Calorimetry Equipment, Instruments, Systems - Differential Scanning Calorimeters, Isothermal Titration Calorimeters, Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Systems.
  • Density Measuring Equipment, Density Measuring Instruments and Systems (Laboratory, Portable, Process Density Meters, Specific Gravity Meters).
  • Electrochemical Equipment, Electrochemical Instruments and Systems (Electrochemical Analyzers, Instrumentation, Sensors and Electrodes For Electrochemistry, PH, Conductivity, Ion Measurements).
  • Emissions Monitoring (Combustion, Flue, Stack Emissions Analysis and Measuring) Equipment, Instruments and Systems, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (SEMS), Combustion Control Instrumentation (Flue Gas Analyzers), Auto Emission Measurement Instruments.
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems or LIMS.
  • Melting Point Apparatus, Melting Point Analyzers, Testers (Melting Point Measurement Instruments).
  • Moisture Measuring Equipment, Instruments, Systems (Moisture Analyzers, Moisture Gauges, Moisture Meters and Testers).
  • Laboratory and Portable Electronic Moisture Balances (Laboratory and Portable Moisture Balance Analyzers, Moisture Loss-on-drying Analyzers).
    Microwave Moisture Measuring Instruments (Devices) and Systems (Microwave Moisture Analyzers, Gauges, Meters).
  • Near Infrared and FT-NIR Moisture Analyzers, Gauges, Meters.
  • Nuclear Radiation Spectrometers (Alpha Spectroscopy Systems, Beta Spectroscopy Systems, Gamma Spectroscopy Systems).
  • Laboratory Sieving Equipment (Sieves and Sieve Shakers), Test Sieves (Analytical Sieves, Testing Screens) and Sieve Analyzers (Grain Size Analyzers, Sieving Machines For Particle Size Analysis Of Powders Using Test Sieves).
  • Permeability Testing, Permeability Measuring Equipment and Instruments, Permeability Measurement Systems (Air and Liquid Permeameters, Material Permeability Analyzers, Permeability Testers).
  • Radioativity Measuring Equipment, Instruments, Systems (Radiation Control Equipment, Radiometers, Radioactivity Meters, Radiation Monitors, Nuclear Radiation Spectrometers, Scintillation Counters).
  • Surface Tension Measurement and Contact Angle Measurement Equipment, Instruments, Systems (Tensiometers and Contact Angle Goniometers).
  • Temperature Measuring Equipment, Temperature Measuring Instruments and Systems (Themperature Meters, Probes, Calibrators, Infrared Thermometers, Pyrometers).
  • Thermal Analysis Equipment, Thermal Analysis Instruments and Systems (Thermal Analyzers, Thermo-gravimetric Analyzers, Differential Scanning Calorimeters, TGA, TGA-DSC Systems, Dilatometers).
  • Vacuum Measuring Equipment, Vacuum Measuring Instruments and Systems (Vacuum Gauges, Meters, Transducers).
  • Viscosity Measuring Equipment, Viscosity Measuring Instruments and Systems (Viscometry Instruments, Viscosity Meters, Viscometers), and Rheology Equipment, Instruments, Systems (Rheometers, Rheological Testing Systems, Melt Flow Indexers, Material Texture Analyzers).

Service Overview

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