For materials, FirstChoice (Group) Canada enjoys an overall advantage due to our lower overhead, operating efficiencies and our supplier/manufacturer relationships. The fact that we are a "reseller" allows manufacturers to quote FirstChoice (Group) Canada discount prices no higher, and in some cases quite lower, than our competitors. Lower overhead allows us to quote our client a lower net cost.

Contact us today and discover how FirstChoice (Group) Canada can help your company. A Complete Service For

* Oil & Gas Industry
* Ship Repair & Construction Industry
* Electrical / Mechanical Industry
* Cement / Petrochemical / Chemical / Steel Plants
* Railway Manufacturing
* Aerospace Industry
* Transportation Industry
* Power Generation
* Transmission and Distribution
* Environment
* Plastics & Rubber Industry
* Aftermarket Exporters
Other Industries Served Agriculture, Automotive, Beverage, Ceramics, Dairy equipment, Desalination, Fertilizer, Foodstuff, Glass, Hospital, Mining, Packaging, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline, Power, Service and maintenance, Sugar, Textiles/fibre, Automobiles

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