FirstChoice (Group) Canada is in the business of managing all levels of procurement services as well as providing oilfield supplies to support petroleum drilling, construction, refining, and production operations. As an oilfield supplier, FirstChoice (Group) Canada is your competitive alternative to the major supply houses.

For materials, FirstChoice (Group) Canada enjoys an overall advantage due to our lower overhead, operating efficiencies and our supplier/manufacturer relationships. The fact that we are a "reseller" allows manufacturers to quote FirstChoice (Group) Canada discount prices no higher, and in some cases quite lower, than our competitors. Lower overhead allows us to quote our client a lower net cost.

Contact us today and discover how FirstChoice (Group) Canada can help your company. A Complete Service For

* Oil & Gas Industry
* Ship Repair & Construction Industry
* Electrical / Mechanical Industry
* Cement / Petrochemical / Chemical / Steel Plants
* Railway Manufacturing
* Aerospace Industry
* Transportation Industry
* Power Generation
* Transmission and Distribution
* Environment
* Plastics & Rubber Industry
* Aftermarket Exporters

Other Industries Served Agriculture, Automotive, Beverage, Ceramics, Dairy equipment, Desalination, Fertilizer, Foodstuff, Glass, Hospital, Mining, Packaging, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Pipeline, Power, Service and maintenance, Sugar, Textiles/fibre, Automobiles

  FirstChoice Group Specializes in   quoting tenders to Canadian/US   Federal & State Govt, Oil   Companies,   Consultants and   Contractors (Oilfield, Drilling,   Mechanical & HVAC, and   Electrical).

  -Fluid Control (Valves, Pipes &    fitting)
  -Drilling Rigs & Parts, Engines,    Turbines,
  -Control & Instrumentation
  -Electrical & Telecommunication    Equipments.
  -Process Machinery & Parts
  -Machine Tools
  -Laboratory Equipments
  -Scientific Research Equipments
  -Medical Equipment, Supplies   and    Pharmaceuticals
  -Aircraft & Nato Stock  parts
  -Mining & Construction    Equipments
  -Agricultural Equipments & Parts
  -Environment & Pollution Control    Equipment
  -Fabricated Materials
  -Industrial chemicals
  -Drilling & Mud Chemicals
  -Transportation Equipment and    Spares
  -Cranes & material handling    equipments
  -Safety Items