All types / materials and applications


  FirstChoice Group Specializes in   quoting   tenders to Canadian/US   Federal & State   Govt, Oil   Companies,   Consultants and   Contractors (Oilfield, Drilling,   Mechanical & HVAC, and Electrical).

  -Fluid Control (Valves, Pipes    &  fitting)
  -Drilling Rigs & Parts, Engines,    Turbines,
  -Control & Instrumentation
  -Electrical & Telecommunication    Equipments.
  -Process Machinery & Parts
  -Machine Tools
  -Laboratory Equipments
  -Scientific Research Equipments
  -Medical Equipment, Supplies   and    Pharmaceuticals
  -Aircraft Parts & Nato Stock parts
  -Mining & Construction    Equipments   -Agricultural Equipments & Parts
  -Environment & Pollution Control    Equipment
  -Fabricated Materials
  -Industrial chemicals
  -Drilling & Mud Chemicals
  -Transportation Equipment and    Spares
  -Cranes & material handling    equipments
  -Safety Items